Hi! I’m Mashav Shelef

I like to create and build new things. For the last decade, I focused on building service-type businesses in the culinary sphere. With the world changing post-Covid-19, I pivoted to online-type businesses and creating digital assets.

My Vision

I have a vision of immersing myself in multiple exciting projects every year. Each time, I want to create something new and unique, learn new skills, and launch it successfully. At the same time, I will continue to nurture and maintain the projects that have become part of my legacy.

Living by My Values

There are a few values that guide me in this journey:

  1. Creating more than I consume: I want to contribute and make a positive impact.
  2. Bringing value to others: I aim to offer something meaningful and beneficial to those around me.
  3. Lifelong learning: I believe in constantly growing and acquiring new knowledge.
  4. Being courageous: I embrace challenges and take bold steps toward my goals.

With these values as my compass, I’m excited to continue my journey of creation and growth.